Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Kathy and I have been married for almost 5 years now. We have known eachother for nearly 8 years. We are very much in love with eachother, and our 3 wonderful children. This deployment has been difficult, but we have rarely been strangers to being in a situation of geographical seperation. It seems the fates have it in our lot to love eachother from afar. I remember the first time I saw Kathy. She went up in a testimony meeting and shared her feelings on the Gospel and the Book of Mormon. All I can remember is her saying "It's a really good book." I was dating a girl named Sarah V. at the time and asked her who that girl was. She said that Kathy was a "very bad girl." Interesting I was to end up marrying that "very bad girl" and find out what she truly is, a pearl of infinite worth. We didn't actually meet until a few months later at a Quad-Stake dance. Sarah and I had recently broken up, and I was in no mood to socialize. Kathy (un-beknownst to me at the time) was upset with her controlling boyfriend and decided to sit and talk with me because I looked lonely. She and I talked about video games (We were and still are gamers) and other things. We became immediate friends and stayed that way for some time. Then things started to happen. Katie (my Sister) was interested in this guy named Ben.  With our religion (LDS) we are required to go on double dates, and she needed someone to go with, so she asked me if I would go, if she hooked me up with a blind date. I obliged. The blind date was a girl named Jamie and was fairly fun, but I didn't feel any friendship potential with her. I told Katie the only way I would go on another double-date was if I got to choose my next date. I asked Kathy and she accepted. We had a blast for several months hanging out as friends, and then it just slowly grew until we decided we wanted to spend all eternity with one another. Kathy and I have been through a lot together, and there is no one I think I can trust more. I only hope that one day the fates will bless us with the ability to spend more than a few months together at a time.

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