Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Peyton is our oldest child and only daughter. She is, as my wife says: "Daddy's little girl". I don't know what it is, but there is a powerful bond between Father and Daughter. I remember a year or two ago, we were going up to Grams' and Opa's house for a visit. We needed to stop for some fuel and it was a warm sunny day, so we had the windows down. Peyton was sitting at the Rear Driver's side, and was looking at me as I was refueling the Saturn (Georgina). I looked at her, and she looked up at me, tilted her head, and asked in a clear voice "God?" I couldn't help but laugh and say "Not exactly". Kathy just laughed and said, give it another 15 years and she will do the same thing, but only say "Satan?".

baby development

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